ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 S532FL Screenpad 2.0 Laptop REVIEW & TEARDOWN – Dual Screen Laptop

ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 S532FL Screenpad 2.0 Laptop REVIEW & TEARDOWN – Dual Screen Laptop – Computex 2019

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Last Year Asus Introduces us to the screenpad a 2ND Laptop display replacing the trackpad. But screenpad met with a lot of criticism and problems due to its interface. This Year Asus refreshing it’s Lineup us with Screenpad 2.0 a completely revamped technology, which will be available in most of the high end laptops.

Design & Build:

Asus VivoBook S15 is part of the Asus’s refresh laptop lineup for 2019. Starting at just 3.8 lbs , the Asus VivoBook S15 is designed for portability. While its precision-cut edges offer a clean, modern look. Finished in sleek aluminum, the VivoBook is available in different Colors.

Asus VivoBook S15 features the innovative Asus screenpad 2.0, which is a much improved version from last year’s 1st Generation screenpad to improve multitasking and change the way you work with your laptop.

The New Screenpad 2.0 UPGRADES the traditional laptop experience, adding an interactive secondary 5.6 inch FHD Super IPS touchscreen display with 178 degree wide view technology that enhances your productivity and gives you endless possibilities.

Screenpad 2.0 features smartphone like interface much improved version from last year 1st gen screenpad. It lets you easily manage tasks and create your own seamless multitasking workflow.
Specs & Features:

Asus VIVOBOOK S15 display has bezels 20 percent smaller than previously models and ASUS VIVOBOOK S15 is available in 15.6in screen size. The four sided NanoEdge Design gives VivoBook S15 a frameless, almost bezel free display.

15.6” Screen with Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution lets you view content in vibrant clarity, and LED backlighting provides a thinner and more energy-efficient screen.

Asus VIVOBOOK S15’s Visuals are handled by integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 AND Nvidia MX250 Discrete Graphics with its own dedicated memory. Nvidia MX250 delivering upto 3.5x times the performance compared to standard integrated graphics, but keep in mind NVIDIA Chipset shares part of the main system memory.

Watching YouTube or Netflix, 4K Content looks really good, and, this display works well in low light conditions.

The ASUS VIVO S15 Keyboard is good for longer typing experience, this is a fast, quiet, and reliable keyboard.
In the Performance Section Our Asus VIVOBook S15 is equipped with 8th Gen Intel’s Core i7 processor. This processor is based on the Whiskey Lake architecture and is well-suited for use in slim notebooks. With its four cores, the CPU is able to operate up to 8 threads simultaneously, with the clock speeds ranging between 1.8 and 4.6 GHz.

Our Unti scored 1513 pts in Cinebench Multi-thread CPU Performance benchmark RUNNING AT 2 Ghz, which is on par with 6TH Gen Intel Core i7-6700HQ running at 2.6 Ghz base clock speed. And in CPU-Z Benchmark Laptop CPU score 2303 pts in Multi-Thread and 525 in Single Thread.

In The storage solution Asus VIVOBook S15 offers Excellent read and write rates that are well over average. Our Unit score 1444 MB/s Read & 847 Mbs Write in SSD benchmark, thanks to its PCI Express 512GB nVMe SSD. If single 512GB nvMe SSD isn’t big enough, you have an option to upgrade to a bigger drive or add an additional 2ND nvMe Hard Drive with the available on board M.2 PCI express expansion slot.

Final Summary:

Asus VIVOBOOK S15 is a really really decent machine. We found it to be a major step up from its last generation models. It comes with great features like screenpad 2.0, and Ergolift hinge are enhancing the experience for this device.

Asus VIVOBook S15 has all the latest features with great build quality makes it a top contender to be the best mid tier laptop of 2019 especially if you can find a great deal at a reasonable price.

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