Asus x455L Tear down , service your laptop Disassemble and Reassemble

In this video i will show you step by step on how to Disassemble and Reassemble your asus x455L Laptop.
if you have any request or questions leave them in the comment.

👉 Do ti yourself service:

●The proper Teardown kit!:

●Shop Towels Original:
● Torx Security T8:
● PH00 Phillips:
● Tweezer Set:
● Electric Screwdriver:
● Thermal Paste:
● Canned Air:
● Air Blower:
● Alcohol isopropilico:
● Shop Towels Pack:

✖ Equipment Used:

● Hakko Hot Air Station:
● Nozzle for hot air station:
● Hakko Soldering Station:
● Hakko Air Filter:
● Microscope:
● Kester Solder:


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18 thoughts on “Asus x455L Tear down , service your laptop Disassemble and Reassemble

  1. Hello Friend how are you? I have an Asus x455l laptop, I have mistakenly disabled usb devices, now just start the setup utility,
    I want to reset the BIOS, how can I do it?

    Thank you, I am desperate, greetings

    – use google translator *

  2. Can the optical drive bay be replaced with a hard drive bay instead? Any online stores selling them? Thanks

  3. I have a laptop with the same model. After shutting down and trying to turn on the computer the computer just blacked out. The red led flashes whenever the power adapter is plugged in. I have tried removing the battery but just cannot switch on the computer. No sound of the HDD heard neither the fan rotates. Pressing the power button for 30 secs also does not help. The problem has been persisting for a long time and sometimes the computer just turns on by itself. But it fails to start again after shutting down. pls help.

  4. where can i find the cmos battery?.. i want to reset the bios to factory default.. it didn't work pressing f9 pls help.

  5. What should i do? I have the same laptop version asus x455l. It has no sign of power , not turning on ,no lights even if plugged in the charger. I try pressing down the power button for a couple of minutes but id didn't work. I also wanna try to remove the cmos ,but when i try to disassemble i cant see cmos. Can you help me sir what's the problem of my laptop there's no sign of power.

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