Ben 10: Protector of Earth Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PSP, Wii, PS2)

Ben 10 Protector of Earth 100% walkthrough, played, recorded and edited together by myself with HDPVR2, to create my own unique playthrough of the game

Ben 10: Protector of Earth Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PSP, Wii, PS2) No Commentary

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♥♥♥♥♥ #WishingTikal About: Hey there, I’m Gen, or Tikal. I worked years on Gamefaqs writing walkthroughs. Now I make video guides out of them. I do 100% collectibles runs to show where all of the secrets are. I record all footage all by myself, every single one, and edit them together to remove mistakes, or loading times, to make for the best and most fluid viewing experience possible and help others. My walkthroughs are usually of superior quality, so pick mines! I record in 1080p most of the time, except my older videos which are in 720p. I use HDPVR2 to record. I work the hardest possible to provide you the best gaming help. All games are posted with permission from the owners and some game codes are also often given by the publisher.


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47 thoughts on “Ben 10: Protector of Earth Walkthrough FULL GAME Longplay (PSP, Wii, PS2)

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  2. 4:09:36 I was so so disappointed as a kid 🙁
    I thought I would become all the 10-11 aliens and I really wished to try diamondhead

  3. 🤥🙈🙈😴🙊👎👎👎🕳️💭🦷🦴💀🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠💤👊☝️👇✌️🤘

  4. They should remaster this game, and add new things to it. They should add more bosses more levels, and they should add wildmutt, diamondhead, and stinkfly. Also they should add another secret challenge where you fight Gwen and unlock Gwen on 2 player mode.

  5. I remember when I played this on the ps2, I kept thinking how this game had the same QTEs like in God of War

  6. This game, was the first game I ever owned. Not the first game I played but the first I owned on my psp the memories are too strong

  7. You can get this game on android and I think iOS but it's called something else just search up Ben 10 protecter of earth

  8. ادخل عله قناتي على اليوتيوب وتلكاهه بدون تنزيل اي برنامج العبه

  9. 10:51
    I feel like they copied IPGS Ben 10 old generation boss fight
    Skip to 7:19 check my comment there

  10. Lmao u guys all be like I remember playing this back in the day but tbh I do play thisike once a year and ngl it's brings so much nostalgia

  11. i remember defeating ghost freak, getting the crystal then thinking i'd be able to play as him 🤣🤣🤣

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