bootuptime & boot menu – ASUS Vivo Book E200HA-FD0076TS.

On request I did make this video with information about startup time, etc., as well as how to access the boot menu.

bootup : 45 sec
turn off : 10 sec
hibernate to start 5 sec

motherboard (bad pic):

mini spec on the ASUS Vivo Book E200HA-FD0076TS .:
Intel® Atom X5-Z8350
11.6 “LED screen
32 GB eMMC + 32 GB SD memory
Thin and light design
Up to 13 hours battery life
Small powerbrick
$ 250-300
After a month on the road, I have some ideas on what I think of this mini computer.

+ size is small
+ power adapter is small
+ weighs a little
+ micro SD port read quickly
+ it does not cost much
+fanless (silent)
+starts quickly
+quickly charges the battery
+OK keyboard
+Good trackpad
+comes with some standard Microsoft applications such as Word and Excel

-just 32GB of internal memory (64 or 128GB had been good)
-just the right USB have the power that can power a 2,5” disc or a phone.
-the screen is a bit dim as soon as one is not looking straight at it.
-battery draining it self, if you do not turn it off the PC completely.
-Windows 10 (I’ll try to get the Linux instead, had no time to do it earlier)
-slow if compared with a (4 year old) macbook i7 16GB RAM
-do not handle heavy applications


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