Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review – The Perfect Laptop? | The Tech Chap

This is the Microsoft Surface Book 2 – a premium, powerful & VERY expensive 2-in-1 laptop. With Intel 8th Gen chips & GTX 1050 –
is the Surface Book 2 the Perfect Laptop? Buy US: | Buy UK:

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40 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review – The Perfect Laptop? | The Tech Chap

  1. This made me think about the Surface Book 2 now, my Birthday is in two months (March) and I have a Chromebook that is really slow, I can't play "Sims 4", "Minecraft", "Roblox" (Well, I can play it, but it won't work for the Desktop Way. It goes into the Mobile Way) or "Overwatch" which is my favourite games. I decided to get the Surface Book 2, for Editing (In case my Editor is asleep or busy), practising drawing and much more that includes YouTube Content, or something to do whenever I'm bored not busy. Like if I'm on a Flight to my regular city I used to live, I can do editing or drawing while on a 2+ Hour Flight to my Regular town. I rather the Surface Book 2 because of what I just said, This is my opinion. I don't think everyone should get it because of their likes and dislikes, I'm only saying this cause this is my opinion. I don't want any hate but, feel free to hate on me for reading all of this, hehe! Anyways, have a nice day, sorry for this comment.

    (plz sub ;-;)

  2. Thanks man! I was pondering whether I want this computer and after watching the review I realized it's totally worth it.

  3. I bought this two days ago. I turned it on yesterday and the performance of the Chrome browser is appalling compared to Edge, Firefox or Chrome running on my son's much cheaper and older laptop. I am returning the laptop today for something else.

  4. The headphone jack issue for me is solved with a USB c adapter since my Samsung buds always have the adapter with them

  5. Would’ve been great if they had also put a flip stand behind the screen like the surface pro so when using it as a tablet it’s a bit more comfortable

  6. How loud is the keyboard??? I cannot find any reviews about it. I am in desperate need for a new laptop/surface for grad school, and for over four years I have had students and professors complain about how loud my current keyboard is, even when listening to lecture or even if class is showing a video and I need to take notes during …. And I type extremely fast, so I have gotten a ton of complaints about the loudness of my surface 3 ….. BUT.. I am strictly a surface lover for my own usage…. HELP!

  7. Why in the FUCK does everyone say "We want to charge via USB-C !!! For fuck sake do you even own a Laptop that HAS TO CHARGE via USB-C? It FUCKING sucks! The port becomes USELESS as a USB-C option for all other options! Have you "ATTEMPTED" to find and purchase a USB-C port replicator with power pass-thru? (I AM GUESSING NO!) They cost a fortune (200-300 USD) and don't work more than they do. "If" it had two or more USB-C ports it would be a non-issue… but IT DOESN'T!

  8. i have being using this laptop during one and half year and i can say is the best laptop in the market . BUY IT i higly recommend it . IT WORTH EVERY DOLLAR IN THE PURCHASE

  9. I just want to b able to put a dedicated graphics card in the surface laptop. Im not a fan of that hinge.

  10. … makes it look like a book. How cool would it be to call it Surface book? Oh. It is lol 😂

  11. I feel like the wobble would cause me to getting into the habit of using the trackpad mainly instead of the touchscreen for laptop mode.

  12. I got my surface book 1 on ebay 2 months ago for 1000 dollars hahahaha, not kidding, 2017 model, still surface book 1, does have 16gb of ram 512 gb SSD, and it also had a pen, it was brand new… what a steal… yeah the cpu its not from last generation, but having a laptop of this quality built with this settings for 1000 dollars is insane, the best i buy i ever made!

  13. Literally put this into my shopping cart on microsoft website in hopes that some glitch happens and my surfacebook 2 is paid for LOL. I can't wait until I finally get one to use in college. It'll be a glorious day!!!

  14. I like the Magsafe-style charger. Many times, I've inadvertently snagged something on my Surface Book lead, and that has saved my expensive laptop's life. I found the same thing on my old Macbook Pro. I think Apple were foolish to drop what was a great charging solution.

  15. I wish I could use one…i just dont have the money and i have to buy a cheap ass walmart computer😞

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