My New Video Editing Mini PC | Asus PA90

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21 thoughts on “My New Video Editing Mini PC | Asus PA90

  1. 🤔 interesting how the 3 reviews up for this "PC" were sent directly from ASUS, to people/content creators who no nothing about PC parts, specs or very little information. The irony

  2. That computer sounds awesome !! I would love to see you compare, DJI action cam vs GoPro hero 8 vs Insta360 R action cam…which is best ???

  3. Nice video Man.. You may want to send out your macbook or insta360 to me.. Hehehe..

    Anyhow.. Get well Brother..

  4. CPU central processing Unit. while GPU Graphic Processing Unit.. kinda CPU is the main chip processing everything and GPU in charge of graphics. My fav is Creative Labs Sound Card, it comes with its own software where you can slow down songs, great feature if you play guitar or want to learn guitar solo. Peace out.. _/

  5. CompTIA A+ certified technician here. Yes you are waaaay better off with the tower for editing than any laptop. For many many many reasons.

  6. Love your work, I know this video has been out for a while… Noticed a type on the first display of comparing the two computers, you labeled them both PA90. Keep up the good work.

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